Makita KP0810 Wood Planer Review


It is seen from various places that this tool is amazing in many ways. It is a sweet little planer that can cut, shape and reduce wood by providing a high-quality smooth finish. It is light enough to be carried from one place to another very smoothly. It increases the portability of the product and that too very effectively. The 7.5 AMP motor gives the tool more power so that it can handle various sizes materials and that too in a comfortable way.

Makita KP0810 Wood planer Reviews

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It has gained good popularity among the users not because it is light weighted or portable but because it has a rubber handle that ensures the user about the protection of the hands right at the time of using the device. Even the lock of switches also provides additional safety and security to the user. It can be a great device for the user because it can reduce the work load of a person to some extent. It is also said to be a durable planer because it comes with an aluminum housing that protects the planer blades to a great extent. This device is equally efficient in cutting the dry woods that may not be possible by the normal ones.

Who should use this product?

This product is an ideal one for those who are constantly dealing with wooden works. It can provide them the best service and that too at a very affordable rate. The adjustable blades help the user to carry out the work more effectively. It also reduces the time to a good extent. No matter whether the project is a small or a big one, this tool is just an amazing invention in all the cases. It works with equal honesty and efficiency in each of the cases.

There is no such special training required for operating the device. It can be easily operated by anyone and that too very easily or swiftly. As it is made with high and durable quality plastic it can usually run for a long time without any issues. This makes a good choice for the users who are always searching for a portable and good-quality device for their workshop.

In short, it is a reliable wood planer that can help the user to complete their pending works that seems to be quite tough for them. It can be a right choice for them.

Makita KP0810 Features:

Easy maintenance:

The device requires little and less maintenance and these things make it special in all aspects. The whole thing is possible only due to the durable and good-quality body of the device. There is no such special thing that has to be done by the user. There is a proper and authorized customer care service that is always ready to provide the best possible service and that too in an effective way.  In case of any issues that center can be contacted in order to get quality service.

Adjustment of depth knobs:

The device comes with depth adjustment knobs that can be easily adjusted as per the will of the user. This allows the user to adjust the device as per the pattern of work. If the requirement is more the knob should be increased and in case of low requirement the same can be decreased according to the user.  The process is so easy that it can be done by anyone.

Powerful motor:

The motor of the tool is very powerful and it functions in a great way. It works in such an effective manner that people can love to work with this device. The parts of the motors are also very nice and of good –quality.

Sharp knives:

On the other hand, the device comes with powerful and sharp knives that may be required at any point of working. It is so sharp that it can hold the capacity to cut any types of hard and uneven surfaces very easily and smoothly. With this feature most of the people has started trying to opt for this device. It also holds the capacity to cut dry woods within a small fraction of seconds. All this increases it uses and importance to a great extent among the people.

Tips for using:

To be very specific this device is just a great one in all the aspects. It can help a person to carry out any types of wooden works very comfortably. Gone are the days when people have to rely upon the traditional tools. The present people are very fast and they always intent to carry out the work within a small time. However, with these types of tools now it is very simple to carry out any types of wooden work simply. No matter whether it is a small project or a big one this tool is just a great one.

  • Well it should be rightly said in this context that as it is a sharp device it is always better to keep it away from the kids. It can cause any types of accidents and that too within a very small time.
  • Another thing that should be said in this case is that it would be always better to switch off the device when not in use. There is no need of putting on the device if there is no such requirement of the device just at that time. That can lead to greater chances of risk.


So, I would always like to share some basic things about Makita KP0810. This device is really a special one as it can help to reduce the work load of a person to some extent. In addition to this, the features of this device are so nice and advanced that it has drawn the attention of millions of people all across the world.

Thus, without wasting any more time, let us try to go with this device so that it can help to curtail the work load. Now no need to waste a lot of time in cutting hard pieces of wood.

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8.9 Total Score
Makita KP0810 Wood Planer Review

Build Quality
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Higher RPM than other planers of the range
  • Great value for money
  • Blades are relatively thinner
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