Shop Fox W1842 Wood Planer Review

Shop Fox W1842 Wood Planer Review
Shop Fox W1842 Wood Planer Review

Woodworking workshops are incomplete without an efficient planer tool. If you don’t have a planer tool in your workshop, then you should consider installing a new one for effective results. Also, you can replace your old one for improved performance. To help you in that process, I am going to introduce you with an excellent planer machine which can enhance your performance in creating beautiful woodworks. The product is Shop Fox W1842 planer. If you want to install a new planer tool in your workshop, then this best wood planer machine you should choose. Why I am saying this, you can know till the end of this article.

Shop Fox W1842 Wood Planer Review

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The planer includes a special design to serve you for years. You can install this planer tool in your workshop for making different woodworks such as fascia, baseboards, door casings, etc. easily. It has a rugged construction to offer high durability to you. It is a 13-inch planer tool specially designed to upgrade the quality of your woodworks. When I came across this product, I was surprised by its performance. Then I decided to review this product here so that you can get benefited from this cost-effective product.

This planer machine has adjustable guide rails to guide the jobs for the operation. The guides can guide the molding stock properly and allow from one job to a hundred jobs for operation. This 13-inch planer has a 1.5 HP motor for efficient performance. It has a cast-iron ground table to offer proper support for your jobs. With a cutter speed of 5000 RPM, this planer can provide the perfect finish to your jobs.

Who should use this product?

If you are looking for a smart planer to install in your workshop, then you should use this product. It is designed to offer stable performance. So, those who want to experience stable operation while working should use this product. It can provide fast and safe performance to create wonderful woodworks effectively. If you don’t need to transport the machine to different places, then you should go for this product. It has a fixed design and needs to install in your workshop. People, those who want a durable and reliable product for their operation, should use this product. Because of the rugged construction, you can experience superb reliability with this product.

The product is designed to keep your work area clean all the time. It has a 4-inch dust port to collect the dust during the operation. Because of this design, you can ensure cleanness in your workshop every time. If you are a person who needs his/her workshop in a clean condition, then you should use this product. It has a maximum lumber height of 6 inches to allow you to operate the jobs of a bigger size. With a powerful motor and outstanding features, this product ensures you are getting the best results in your workshop.

It is easy to use this product. Anyone can use this product in his/her workshop to create superb woodworks. Professional woodworkers can use this product to improve their capacity for making jobs. Beginner woodworkers also can invest in this machine to take their woodcutting activity to the next level. For making awesome creations from wood with a sleek surface, this product is a must-have product. By using this product, you can have a faster operation than other planer tools available in the market. Because of its three-knife construction, the speed of operation is increased. It produces a cutter speed of 5000 RPM, which is sufficient to cut the grains on the wood board easily. To decide whether to buy the Shop Fox W1842 Planer or not, you should read its features.

Shop Fox W1842 Planer Features:

  • Three HSS knives: This is an essential feature of this product. Because of this feature, it cuts the wood effectively. It has three cutting knives of size 13 x 5/8 x 1/8 inches. These cutting knives are made of HSS material for sturdy performance. These knives are designed to last for a long time. The cutter head has a speed of 5000 RPM for effective cutting.
  • Easy to use: The planer has adjustable guides and HSS cutters to cut the wood efficiently. The HSS cutters can be removed easily for replacement. As the blades have a bolt-on design, you can asses them easily and change them in less time. As less time is spent in the setup, you can get more time for your work. This feature I liked because it allows doing more work in less time easily.
  • Unique design: In the market, you can get several kinds of planer tools to provide the perfect finish to your woodworks. But, the Shop Fox W1842 planer has a unique design to make your creations unique. You can consider this amazing product for your special jobs to make them extraordinary. Also, this feature enables anyone to use this product for his/her works efficiently. Beginners can take the benefit of this feature.
  • Powerful: The machine has a powerful motor of 1.5 HP to fulfill all your needs with the required power. This motor offers sufficient power to plane your jobs easily. It is a single-phase motor and requires a voltage of 220V for operation. It comes prewired and needs 110V for operation.
  • Inbuilt dust port: It is an awesome feature present in this product. Because of this feature, you can get a clean work area all day. It has an inbuilt dust port of 4 inches to collect the dust effortlessly. I liked this feature, as it keeps the work area clean.
  • Large paddle switch: This is a safety feature included in this product. The product has a large paddle to prevent accidental starts of the machine. With this feature, you can feel safe using this product.
  • Precision-ground cast-iron table: The guide table of this product is made of cast iron. You can experience sturdy performance because of this feature.

Tips for using:

After using this product, I had a nice experience. I am including some tips here to help you to use the Shop Fox W1842 efficiently.

  • If you couldn’t change the cutter head in the machine, you can remove the guide rails to change the cutter head easily.
  • To prevent the blockage of dust, you should ensure to clean the dust port before it gets filled.


Shop Fox W1842 planer is a must-have product for the woodworkers who want to create outstanding jobs. This product has a unique design and several special features for high performance. It includes three knives to complete the jobs in less time. The product features strong construction for improved durability and stability. I would recommend you to go for this product if you are creating some special creations from wood. Both professional and habitual woodworkers can get benefited from this product. Also, it is easy to use this product. I hope this product will fulfill your needs in your work area.

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Shop Fox W1842 Wood Planer Review

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